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  • clearys_2016
    Clearys 3336F (quart)
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    Price $76.99 $64.99

    3336 F is a broad spectrum fungicide exhibiting preventative, curative and systemic properties. It is useful on a wide variety of turf and ornamental disease problems. Clearys 3336 is one of the best systemic fungicides for blackspot, mildew and botrytis control.   If Honor Guard or Heritage have stopped working as well as they did once, this is a great fungicide.   The only downside is it must be sprayed every 7 days for prevention.  Usage is 1/2 to 1 teaspoon per gallon.

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  • orthene_97_2016
    Orthene WP 97% (.773 lb)
    Quantity   1 - 11     12+  
    Price $29.99 $26.00

    With its dual mode of action, contact and systemic activity, ORTHENE® 97 insecticide is the proven choice for key insect control in dozens of high-value vegetable crops as well as soybeans, cotton and tobacco. Acephate, the active ingredient, gives ORTHENE 97 its powerful one-two punch of contact and systemic activity. It rapidly penetrates plant tissue to reduce chances of washing away in rainfall or irrigation and provides up to three weeks of dependable residual control of dozens of damaging pests from aphids to worms. ORTHENE 97 may be applied using aerial, ground and air blast or air-assisted equipment. Always check label for rates and application recommendations.

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  • MAVRIK_2016
    Mavrik (1 quart)
    Quantity   1 - 5     6+  
    Price $139.99 $134.99

    Mavrik Aquaflow® Insecticide, a pyrethroid, is a cost-effective control method against greenhouse and nursery pests. A non-phytotoxic, water-based formulation, Mavrik Aquaflow contains tau-fluvalinate and can be applied to both indoor and outdoor crops - even open blooms. The fast-acting formula kills insects on contact or through ingestion.  The fast-acting formulation kills insects - including aphids, mites, thrips, and whiteflies - on contact or through ingestion. See product label for complete pest list.  The best product we have found for cucumber beetles.

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  • talstar_pro_2016
    Talstar Professional (quart)
    Quantity   1 - 7     8+  
    Price $51.00 $48.00
    For decades, PMPs have made Talstar® their number one trusted brand of insecticides. With its broad label and dependable efficacy, Talstar Professional has been expertly formulated to help you get the job done right every time. Talstar Professional achieves long-lasting control of over 75 pests, including ants, termites, cockroaches, spiders, bed bugs, fleas and ticks. And with its flexible label, Talstar Professional is approved in multiple use-sites, so you can use it almost anywhere: indoors and out, in industrial, commercial and food-handling areas. Talstar Professional is water based, so it’s non-irritating and contains no odorous or plant-damaging solvents. Talstar Professional leaves no unsightly residues and causes no phytotoxicity. Once dry, it is virtually impossible to tell where Talstar Professional has been sprayed.  Great for aphids, thrips and cucumber beetles.

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  • heritage-fungicide.jpg
    Heritage (4 oz. size)
    Quantity   1 - 3     4+  
    Price $109.99 $105.00

    Common Diseases Controlled, Suppressed or Prevented: Downy Mildew, Black Spot, Rust, Powdery Mildew, Botrytis & Alternaria Leaf Spot. Heritage also works great on daylilies.

    Rate & Combination: 1/4 TO 1/2 teaspoon per gallon of water.

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  • flint_small.jpg
    Flint WP (20 oz)
    Quantity   1      2 - 5     6+  
    Price $325.00 $318.00 $298.00

    Flint® fungicide is a powerful strobilurin fungicide that provides long-lasting, broad-spectrum disease control for grapes, pome fruits, cucurbit and fruiting vegetables, hops, leafy petiole vegetables and root vegetables. 

    Customers note, this is the same active ingredient as Compass but in a label for fruits and vegetables.   Usage is 1/2 teaspoon per gallon. 

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  • flagship_2016
    Flagship 25WG (2lb)$534.00$499.00

    No longer available in the 8oz. size. Optimum whitefly and aphid control requires a product that is quickly absorbed into the plant and provides long-lasting protection. Flagship® 25WG (water dispersible granule) insecticide offers fast knockdown and long lasting, residual control across a broad range of foliar and soil-dwelling pests. It can be applied to foliage or growing media, and is quickly absorbed by plants. It controls target pests on contact as well as through ingestion, with minimal effects on beneficial insects. Swift translaminar absorption makes Flagship 25WG rainfast upon drying, so irrigation and rain will not wash it off. In addition, Flagship 25WG’s chemical properties make it ideal for optimal plant uptake.

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