Pylon (pint)

Pylon (pint)

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Pylon Miticide Insecticide, with the active ingredient chlorfenapyr, is a cost-effective, broad-spectrum product that provides exceptional control of key greenhouse pests. Pylon Miticide Insecticide is the only registered product in the pyrroles class of chemistry with control of a range of insects and mites, caterpillars and Western flower and chilli thrips on ornamental plants. Pylon Miticide Insecticide controls the target insect or mite by interfering with energy production of the pests. Its translaminar movement and mode of action result in mortality of most pests in 72 hours.

Pests Controlled
Fungus gnats
Broad mite
Citrus budmite
Cyclamen mite
Rust mite
Spider mites
Foliar nematodes
Western flower thrips
Chilli thrips

Product Attributes
Provides 14 to 21 days of control depending on the pest and pest population pressure
Exceptional control of thrips, including Western flower and chilli thrips
Rainfast in 60 minutes
Broad-spectrum control of nymph and adult stages of mites
Only registered product for foliar nematodes in greenhouses
Mortality of most pests within 72 hours, except foliar nematodes
Excellent translaminar activity

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  Maintain agitation during application. 

Apply specified dosage using sufficient water to obtain uniform and complete coverage of foliage. 

Compost any discarded plant material that has been treated. 

This product can be applied up to and including the day of harvest.