Hexygon DF (6 oz.)

Hexygon DF (6 oz.)

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Hexygon is a highly active mite ovicide and larvicide. Hexygon provides effective control of major tetranychid mite species with long lasting residual activity, yet is non-disruptive to beneficial mite and insect species. It is recommended for use as a foliar application in ornamental plants, non-bearing fruit and nut trees and vines growing in nurseries, and mature ornamental plantings. Please note: Because this product is a powder, you cannot calculate dosage based on a volumetric basis. In other words, one ounce of hexygon does not make two tablespoons of product, it makes much more. We have talked at length with the manufacturer and the new recommended rate is 1/2 (one half) teaspoon per gallon of spray.

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