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Avid® miticide/insecticide is a proven standard in mite and leafminer control. Growers continue to depend on it for unsurpassed control of these pests. In addition, Avid provides these benefits: Rain-fast within hours of application, with no unsightly residue and very little odor. Prevents damage to plants—pests stop feeding on plant tissue within hours of ingestion. Optimized for the highest level of crop tolerance. Ideal for rotation in resistance management programs due to its unique chemistry and mode of action.

Considering generics? First, weigh the risks. Formulating a miticide/insecticide product with abamectin is a highly complex process. Loss of the chemical’s full efficacy is a constant risk. While the generics compare themselves to Avid, Syngenta is the original developer and has the only patented and proven purification process that filters out the less-active avermectin strains, leaving only the most potent active ingredient for the highest level of pest control. You’ve only got one chance to get mites under control. So, make it count.

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