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SAFETY FIRST!!   In all cases, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND spraying fungicides, pesticides, or miticides ONLY with proper protective gear. This includes a respirator, goggles and chemical resistant gloves at a minimum. You should also take proper precaution to cover your arms and legs with  long pants and long sleeve shirt or with a chemical resistant suit such as Tyvek. Authority Hydro accepts no responsibility for improper application of products.  


PRODUCT USE!!  The chemical pesticides we sell at Authority Hydro are intended for use in turf and ornamental applications.  While many of the products are labeled, approved, and commonly used for other plants, we highly recommend the customer read the label carefully to ensure proper use in all cases.  When in doubt, we recommend you contact the manufacturer with questions regarding other plants or uses.



  • Sequestrene 330 Fe 10% Chelated Iron (5 lb.)$65.00
    Chelated iron promotes lush, dark green foliage. Great for all types of flowers. Use 1 teaspoon in one gallon of water per bush in the spring and again in early fall for fantastic looking foliage.
  • clearex_2016
    Clearex Salt Leaching Solution
    Clearex Salt Leaching solution is one product all plant growers should be using once per year to remove unwanted salt buildup from chemical fertilizers. This is a revolutionary product that will totally rejuvenate your flower beds while doing so at a very small cost! We recommend 1 tablespoon in a gallon of water per plant. Same for potten plants of 3 gallon or larger size.
    Clearex Salt Leaching Solution (1 quart) $23.99
    Clearex Salt Leaching Solution (1 gallon) $44.00
  • mykos_web.jpg
    MYKOS (12 oz)$31.00

    Mykos is very-specific specie of Mycorrhiza that works faster and stronger. If you havenít heard of mycorrhiza, itís a microbe that builds root mass and increases plant uptake of nutrients and water. With more roots, you get more fruits. Mykos grows the biggest and best fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herb! It also helps ďleap startĒ new transplants and shield roots from shock and disease. Mykos has been used to help break 7 World Records for plant growth, including a 2,000 lb. pumpkin! When it comes to mycorrhizae, Mykos canít be beat. Best of allÖitís affordable on any budget. Mykos is a beneficial additive; it may be used with any nutrient line. Application: Soil, Coco, & Rockwool. Great for Vegetables, Fruits, & Herbs. 

  • cal flo
    Cal-Flow Liquid Limestone (2.5 gallon)$76.99

    CAL FLO Liquid Limestone is a specifically microsized suspension that maximizes the efficiency of limestone for pH adjustment. Coarse, dry liming materials are unevenly spread over treated surfaces and difficult to handle. CAL FLO Liquid Limestone has no dust and provides an even particle distribution with the use of proper dispensing equipment. CAL FLO Liquid Limestone offers the finest calcium carbonate particulates available in suspended form. Ultra-fine limestone solids will react more rapidly to achieve the desired pH, when compared to the typical dry bagged limestone. CAL FLO Liquid Limestone can improve soil pH on contact for more nutrient absorption from coinciding fertilizer feed rates.   Works great with hose-end sprayers.  Dilution rate is 30-1 so 4 oz per gallon.

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