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Authority Hydro is a brand new company from the trusted name for over 17 years of Rosemania. Rosemania for a long time hasn't just been a company about roses and has long been in partnership with the hydroponic industry. We started Authority Hydro with a simple goal, provide the best wholesale pricing and service to the Hydroponic Industry. We will continuously grow this site, from the products we offer to the educational information we will supply. If you ever need something that we don't offer, give us a call (888-600-9665) and we will do our best to provide it to you at a great price and be your one stop shop to supply your retail needs. 

Please take time to educate yourself on local laws and regulations in your home state. Restrictions vary based on what you are growing and what state you live in.


EPA Pesticides Information – Great resource for all pest control information. Start here!


More State Related Information Coming soon, but for customers in some of our most popular states (CA, CO, NV, WA) see below:


California Residents: We recommend visiting the California Department of Pesticide Regulation. One of the most in depth sites available.


Colorado Residents: Please see the Colorado Department of Agriculture’s website, also for Cannabis Production in Colorado please click HERE.


Washington Residents: Please see the Washington State Department of Agriculture’s Laws and Rules.


Nevada Residents: Please see the Nevada Department of Agriculture’s site relating to Pest Control.