Cal-Flow Liquid Limestone (2.5 gallon)

Cal-Flow Liquid Limestone (2.5 gallon)

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CAL FLO Liquid Limestone is a specifically microsized suspension that maximizes the efficiency of limestone for pH adjustment. Coarse, dry liming materials are unevenly spread over treated surfaces and difficult to handle. CAL FLO Liquid Limestone has no dust and provides an even particle distribution with the use of proper dispensing equipment. CAL FLO Liquid Limestone offers the finest calcium carbonate particulates available in suspended form. Ultra-fine limestone solids will react more rapidly to achieve the desired pH, when compared to the typical dry bagged limestone. CAL FLO Liquid Limestone can improve soil pH on contact for more nutrient absorption from coinciding fertilizer feed rates.   Works great with hose-end sprayers.  Dilution rate is 30-1 so 4 oz per gallon.

For a wide variety of soil treatments, 2 1/2 to 5 gallons per acre has proven to be the accepted application rate. Typically, a soil pH in the low 6 range will use 2 1/2 gallons per acre, while a pH below 6 may require 5 gallons per acre. Instant pH increases can be expected after a soil treatment and pH buffering should last for up to 3 months. CAL FLO Liquid Limestone enhances the pH of the soil germination zone to improve the quality of the planting. NOTE: For best results, regular soil testing is recommended.

NOTE FISH PONDS: For best results, water analysis should determine application rate. For treatment of fish ponds requiring pH adjustment or improved alkalinity. CAL FLO Liquid Limestone is designed to improve the pond environment and offer easy liquid application as well.


Using commercial spray equipment, fill dilution tank half full with water and start agitation. Add the correct amount of CAL FLO Liquid Limestone and finish filling the mixing tank. Suggested dilution rate for general use is 30 gallons of water to one gallon of CAL FLO Liquid Limestone depending upon the type of equipment being used. CAL FLO Liquid Limestone is well suited for hydro seeders, greenhouse irrigation systems, and boom sprayers.

For home lawn and garden spray equipment, add one cup of CAL FLO Liquid Limestone to 2 gallons of water. Shake mixture in a hand-held tank or backpack tank before spraying.

A general application rate for diluted spray is one gallon to 600 square feet for instant pH adjustment. For prolonged pH maintenance reapply CAL FLO every 8 to 12 weeks.

Regular soil pH testing is recommended to determine the amount of lime and the application intervals. CAL FLO Liquid Limestone is specifically designed for complete neutralization of the following:

  • Nursery and container crops
  • Golf course fairways
  • Golf course greens and tees
  • Greenhouse crops
  • Sod farming and landscaping
  • Lawn and garden
  • Hydro seeders and pretreatment to seed sowing

Reapply CAL FLO Liquid Limestone as needed during the growing season. General pH maintenance is needed every 2 months based upon soil buffers.

For Fish Ponds, general application rates are 2 1/2 gallons per surface acre of water. If commercial spray equipment is used, add one gallon of CAL FLO to 30 gallons of water and project the dilution on to the water to be treated. If CAL FLO is applied from a boat, slowly pour CAL FLO from a moving boat, letting the motor serve as a mixer. NOTE: For best results, water analysis is recommended to accurately determine application rate.